The Gentlemen’s Retreat’s mission is to provide high potential, college-bound, inner city high school young men with the inner tools and vision to be self-directed and self-sufficient in high school, college, their careers, and adulthood.  Growing up in the inner city, these young men have developed powerful “street smarts” intelligence that allows them to navigate between their two worlds: the world of academia and the workplace, and the neighborhood culture of the Gangsta. These “street smarts” have formed them as young men with deep capacity, gleaned from their experiences, to assess situations, make judgments about people, and determine available options for action in any given moment.  Rather than negating these valuable inner assets, the Gentlemen’s Retreat's mission is to catalyze an internal transformation so that these young men have the vision and ability to navigate a life of education and success.

Kenneth Chabert, Founder

The Gentlemen's Retreat is a life-long dream of Kenneth Chabert, a Bronx native who chose to leave the city for the pursuit of a different life.  He is a visual storyteller and his firm, This is Your Story, LLC (www.theprezimaster.com), works with companies through the U.S.


Advisory Board