Our Graduating Gs



Azis Neziroski

SUNY Broome

"A 17 year-old Macedonian/Roma from the Bronx, I recently graduated from St. Raymond High School for Boys. I come from a family where very few have had the chance to get an education and become successful. For this reason, education has always been important to me. My passion for learning has always driven me to better myself everyday. My love for learning and constant encouragement from my family, friends, and my mentors from the Gentlemen’s Retreat have helped me thrive and achieve.

The Gentleman’s Retreat has provided me with so many different and great opportunities and has allowed me to experience things I would have never encountered.

This fall, I will be attend SUNY Broome where I will major in accounting and a minor in economics. I plan to join clubs related to entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence. After college, I plan on getting a job at a firm so I can increase my knowledge of finance and investing. My future goal is to own my own investment firm."

Christopher DeJesus

Full Ride to Cornell

"In the summer before I would enter eighth grade, I found my answer to a question most of my peers could not answer: “What did I want to do with my life?” My answer: I wanted to create computer software.

At that time I had no idea how it could all be done. It was then that I began my journey to learn how to write computer software. I first learned a simple scripting language (Lua). I was able to create small console based programs, which absolutely fascinated me. In my freshman year of high school, I began forming a dream of a community of students who would work together to learn code and explore possible projects. Along with another student, I co-founded the Technology Club.  In my sophomore year, I became the club’s president. I decided to turn the club into a hybrid between a learning center and creation workshop. The first semester was spent teaching students the basics behind programming, while the second semester was spent making software and honing those skills through practice. For three years, I continually improved my teaching methods. By the time I graduated, I became aware that there were students who lives I may have just impacted forever by introducing computer programming.

I am proud to be attending Cornell University, but I was even more proud of the legacy I left behind at Saint Raymond High School for Boys. All of these experiences represent what a gentlemen should do in life: create a legacy for others to follow." 


Jeury Gonzalez

Scholarship to Brown University's Pre-Baccalaureates Program, Full Tuition to Fordham University

"I am 17-year-old Latino from the Bronx, NY, who recently graduated from St. Raymond High School for Boys. This summer, I will attend Brown University’s Pre-Baccalaureate program and then will enter Fordham University in the fall.

I don't come from a wealthy background, but I never let where I started determine where I wanted to go. One of my greatest accomplishments has been my involvement in the Gentlemen's Retreat. My goal is to become someone that Bronx youth look up to and find inspiration from.  My experience gained from the Gentlemen's Retreat has placed me in positions where I can achieve this goal. This past November I was able to meet one of the world's top physicist, who is from the Bronx and is a professor at Brown University.  I also met Brown Professor Dr. Sylvester James Gates, one of former President, Barack Obama's leading scientists.  I was also able to do an internship at the Marmara Hotel on Park Avenue, where I was taught (by the head chef) how to prepare elegant meals for guests."

Charles Quansah

Full Ride to University of Mount St. Vincent

"I am proud of the experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. The caring brother, loving son and dedicated worker best describes who I am. Family means a lot to me and I will do anything for them. My family motivates me to be better, do better and succeed so I can provide for them. 

I recently graduated from St. Raymond High School for Boys and enter the University of Mount St. Vincent in the Bronx in the fall. Without my family and my many mentors, I wouldn't be in the position I am today, a high school graduate and a future college graduate.

My experience participating in the Gentlemen's Retreat has enhanced my life and has helped me to improve as a person

Being a gentleman means a lot of things to me. The most important aspects of being a gentleman stems from being honest, hard-working, caring and having the ability to stand up for what you believe in and take a stand against what is wrong. The main value of being a gentleman to me is: being able to help others, especially those less fortunate than us."


Jonathan Rodriguez

Buffalo State, Full Tuition

"Jonathan Rodriguez was born in New York, but moved to the Dominican Republic weeks after birth to live with his mother, father and brother. On his fifth birthday he boarded a plane with his brother to meet his mother in the United States, while leaving his father behind. Jonathan attended St. Raymond High School for Boys where he met many friends and his life coach, he challenged him to dream big.  He learned to balance school and a job. Jonathan always had a strong fashion sense and has kept a close eye to what celebrities wear, and what goes on in the fashion world. As he enters Lehman College in the fall, Jonathan dreams of having a career in fashion and someday his clothing brand being worn by celebrities."