Teaching inner city youth the art of being gentlemen through the use of emotional, conversational, and storytelling intelligence.

" Thank you for being an amazing example of hope and perseverance for our youth. I'm so inspired by the work you're doing with the Gentlemen's Retreat and humbled by your kind invitation to share my story. We all need a leader with a bold vision and the courage to help us chase our dreams. Thank you for being this person for the young men from the Bronx. I look forward to seeing the great things you and these gentlemen achieve."

Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP


The Gentleman's beginnings

This is where Our Story begins

Young men in the inner city have to balance the identity between the neighborhood culture of the “G” and their identity with being a Gentleman and getting out into the real world. Unfortunately, until these Gentlemen receive an acceptance to college or a scholarship, they’re stuck in the inner city. Growing up in this environment, struggle and opportunity go hand in hand—they’ve learned a lot about balancing survival and academics. A lot of what they’ve learned can be utilized in the real world: it just has to be refined. They can only get that refinement when they step out of the inner city and see things from a different perspective. This is where the Gentlemen’s Retreat comes in.


The mission of The Gentlemen’s Retreat is to introduce young men from the inner city to guided cognitive dissonance and choice architecture. By putting the Gentlemen in environments and situations that will cause them to grow through the Power of the First Experience, they develop the character traits that they feel resemble a Gentleman.