The Gentlemen's Retreat 


The Gentlemen’s Retreat is a series of workshops, lectures, and experiences aimed at teaching young men from the inner city the art of being gentlemen through the use of emotional, conversational, and story intelligence.


Year One

The Gentlemen's Retreat

November 11-13th, 2016 : Launch weekend at Providence College, where 16 young men, sophomores and juniors at St. Raymond’s High School in the Bronx, had a true Gentlemen’s experience. Through activity-based learning and guest lectures, these young men were exposed to new competencies of emotional, conversational and story intelligence, and met people who are experts in their field from multiple walks of life including business, finance, academia, law, and the arts. They lived in Middletown, Rhode Island and enjoyed a special dinner at one of Providence’s most elegant restaurants. The young men visited the Newport mansions, and enjoyed other Gentlemen’s activities from recreation to group discussions about what it means to be a gentleman. The men left Providence with a newly expanded vision of the world, and a version of success on new terms, the Gentlemen’s terms.




Continued Support

Ongoing group coaching throughout the school year, to develop the gentlemen’s competencies utilizing a curriculum of emotional and conversational intelligence coupled with a storytelling approach, and the power of telling their own narrative in order to be able to shape
their lives. These coaching sessions will be led by founder Kenneth Chabert, who also developed the curriculum for these sessions based on his work as a storytelling consultant for major companies and nonprofits. At times, the sessions will also include guest presenters from the professional world.


building blocks

Using Past Experiences

The Gentlemen’s Retreat is about honoring young men and their past-lived experiences and abilities gained from the inner city, while also preparing them to successfully merge them with their new and more long term environment: the real world. It’s about teaching them emotional intelligence (the ability to be aware of emotions), conversational intelligence (the ability to use language to create relationships and get people to understand your point of view), and story intelligence (the ability to use your life narrative to evoke emotions and create your own opportunities by influencing others to believe in your ideas).





1. Increased awareness of the benefits of college life and excitement about the possibilities of a Gentleman’s life.

2. A collection of powerful experiences and insights about themselves and the world, which will inform their college essays in an authentic way.

3. The ability to tell their own stories in order to create opportunities, and connect their present, past, and aspirational future with purpose, intention, and focus.

4. A sense of group identity and brotherhood based on being Gentlemen. This peer circle will be nurtured to support them through high school, into their college years, and beyond.


5. Developing leadership abilities and core competencies around conversational, emotional, and storytelling intelligence.

6. A strong sense of self and confidence in one’s ability to succeed in any situation.

7. Confidence in sharing their opinions even if they aren’t the most popular